Dick Laurent take you on a journey all the way through multiple genres of rock music: 70s, psychedelic, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Metal, and Post Rock influences are woven into the complex numbers that are never copied, but damned inspired! Describing in a few words what these guys present you with is rather difficult, but there is one word that you can strike out of your vocabulary when listening to Dick Laurent: boredom.

Like life, just when you think you’ve got their music figured out, it changes. They are characterized by their creative variety of the arrangements and the enthusiastic playfulness. Winkler’s rolling and solid drums, Binder’s driving and grooving bass and Krieg’s frisky guitar: fans of real live music will love them! No vocals are needed to escort you through the tracks; it’s Dick Laurent’s drive that takes you for a ride. It’s pushing and thrusting, rocking and rolling. To draw an animal analogy you would have to use a whole zoo: the monkeys are screeching, swinging from branch to branch; weasels are running fast with light and tiny feet; a lion is roaring threateningly and the range of colour of hundreds of chameleons is on show: A live extravaganza you can look forward to.

Dick Laurent were founded in 2013 by Harald Binder (bass), Raphael Krieg (guitar) and Rudy Kink (drums), who met in the Basel music scene and pretty soon noticed that something clicked. In 2014, their first LP, with four fancy inventive tracks, was released, recorded in the sixteentimes Studio in Basel. On two tours through Switzerland, Germany and Belgium the band gathered their share of live experience (and enjoyed some sardine-tin-ambience in the stuffed Toyota Corolla). Rudy Kink decided to move on with the Sons Of Morpheus in 2015, but has been succeeded by the excellent Stefan Winkler on drums with whom they recorded their second album "Hello" in April 2017. Since the beginning of 2018 Gilles Duitilh on keys has replaced Harald Binder on bass, and so the story of this genius trio goes on.

Treat yourself to this!

Bandphoto by A. Appel - alainappel.com




15.09  Allschwil Openair, Allschwil CH
03.03  Souterain Lärmfestivität, Kaschemme Basel CH


21.10  Private Show, Augsburg D
20.10  Jugendhaus, Penzberg D
19.10  Ars-Vitae, Rodewisch D w/ Ben Wood Inferno
14.10  HAS Club Festival, Hausen am Albis CH
13.10  Bruch Brothers, Luzern CH
07.10  Pigalle, Eupen B w/ TheStagedicks
06.10  Studio Gonz, Gouden NL w/ Echolot
05.10  Live Session @ Radio TIDE, Hamburg D
04.10  Pooca Bar, Hamburg D
03.10  Schlüsselloch, Aachen D
29.09  Flatterschaft, Basel/BS w/ Hibagon
23.09  Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen/BE w/ Shades of Purple
26.05  L'Unique Food Truck, Basel CH w/ Heavy Harvest
20.04  Z7, Pratteln CH w/ My Baby (NL)
07.04  Kaschemme, Basel CH w/ Rich Kid Blue, Mono Mojo
11.02  Restaurant Engel, Rheinfelden CH
20.01  Slow Club, Freiburg D w/ Closet Disco Queen
19.01  Hirscheneck, Basel CH w/ Closet Disco Queen
14.01  Wallstreet-Bar, Zürich CH w/ Mantra
13.01  Kohi, Karlsruhe D w/ Atlas Bird


15.10  HAS Club Festival, Hausen am Albis CH
23.07  Clublokal, Widmen CH w/ Shades of Purple (CH)
28.05  Biomill, Laufen CH w/ The K (B)
26.03  BruchBrothers, Luzern CH w/ DUEL(USA)
19.02  Kaschemme, Basel CH w/ Sasquatch (USA)
27.01  Gaswerk, Winterthur CH w/ Hibagon (ITA)


05.09  JugendKulturFestival, Theaterbühne Basel CH
02.09  Flatterschafft, Basel CH w/ Wight (D)
19.06  Leimentaler Openair, Oberwil CH w/ Live Wire (CH)
09.06  Goldmark's, Stuttgart D w/ Wild Eyes (USA)
16.05  Neugasshof Rockbar, Zürich CH w/ Woodbridge (CH)
15.05  Sidibu Kultur Cafe, Leipzig (D)
14.05  Hühnermanhattan, Halle D w/ Ape Skull (ITA)
13.05  Ballonfabrik Fabrik Unique, Augsburg D w/ Ape Skull (ITA)
12.05  Rümpeltum, St. Gallen CH w/ Ape Skull (ITA)
09.05  Schüxenhaus, Ins CH w/ Ape Skull (ITA)
08.05  BruchBrothers, Luzern CH w/ Ape Skull (ITA)
25.04  Oslo Night, Basel CH w/ Sons of Morpheus (CH)
19.04  Podium, Basel CH w/ Bright Curse (UK), Elephant Tree (UK)
21.03  Coq d'Or, Olten CH
19.02  White Rabbit, Freiburg D w/ Tank86 (NL)
02.01  Zer alte Schmitti, Basel CH


01.11  Cafete, Bern CH
18.10  SommerCasino, Basel CH
17.10  ProKonTra, Hohenems A
16.10  Meisenfrei Blues Club, Bremen D
15.10  Schlüsselloch, Aachen D
14.10  Rock Cafe St. Pauli, Hamburg D w/ Mars Red Sky (F)
12.10  S Kultur, Kiel D
11.10  Tortuga Rock Bar, Fehmarn D
10.10  Pigalle, Eupen B
09.10  Umbruchbar, Wetzikon CH
08.10  BruchBrothers, Luzern CH
26.07  Burning River, Rheinfelden D w/ Shades of Purple (CH)
28.06  Pärkli Jam Festival, Basel CH w/ Bitch Queens (CH)
13.06  Z7, Pratteln CH w/ Karnivool (AUS)
25.05  Umbruchbar, Wetzikon CH w/ 1000 Degrees (IT)
02.04  Bogen F, Zürich CH w/ The Temperance Movement (UK)
22.03  Zer alte Schmitti, Basel CH
23.02  Star Club, Uster CH w/ Vdelli (AUS)
08.02  Sternen, Auggen D w/ Spit Your Hate (F)
24.01  Graffiti, Bern CH


13.12  Badhüsli, Basel CH
21.09  Dreispitz, Basel CH

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