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New recordings soon, new website now!

Good news for all you rock-‘n-roll enthusiasts. Very soon, the first glimpses of the new constellation of Dick Laurent will be released for everyone to enjoy. A new website with some nice pics of us handsome young men is here to keep you warm while waiting. Thanks to Sandro Fiorilli for the brand new Dick pics! Also, the older, but still hot material that we produced over the last years is available on this website, enjoy! 


To the home of Dick Laurent. We are a Basel-based instrumental rock trio mixing twisted 70s-bluesrock, fresh-metal, unpretentious jazz, 2020s psychedelics, and distorted pop-music. A classic trio with keys for bass. Dick Laurent brings exciting, multifaceted tunes that sometimes makes you wanna dance and sometimes close your eyes, but surely never bore. Gotta see this live!

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